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Cleanliness of premises
HCH highly recognized that for a corporation it is vital that the organization, and every single employee in the performance of his/her duties, are seen and perceived as economically, socially and ethically responsible. This is the key point for HCH to be consistently successful and the only way to ensure lasting, positive and acceptable development. To maintain the premises in a state of order, cleanliness and repair consistent with the product and manufacturing needs, HCH has prepared documented work instructions for all employees having responsibilities for the operation of processes that impact product quality. These instructions derived from sources such as the quality plan, the control plan and the product realization process are accessible for use at the workstation.

HCH documentation standards and objectives Instruction for securing the cleanliness of premises
● To approve documents for adequacy prior to issue,
● To review and update as necessary and re-approve documents, To ensure that changes and current revision status of documents are identified,
● To ensure that relevant versions of applicable documents are available at points of use,
● To ensure that documents remain legible and readily identifiable,
● To ensure that documents of external origin are identified and their distribution controlled,
● To prevent the unintended use of obsolete documents, and to apply suitable identification to them if they are retained for any purpose.
● All internal walls, doors, windows, partitions, floors and floor coverings and ceilings in any part of the premises should be kept clean and in such good repair as to enable them to be cleaned effectively;
● All waste material and other litter, arising from the treatment, are placed in suitable covered receptacles. The receptacles shall be emptied or the bags changed at least once every working day, or more frequently as necessary and the material disposed of safely.
● A notice or notices reading “No Smoking” should be prominently displayed within the treatment area.
● An operator shall ensure that, before use in connection with treatment, any gown, wrap or other protective clothing, paper or other covering, towel, cloth or other such articles used in the treatment

● Safety & Security Instruction
HCH is committed to maintaining a safe and secure environment for all employees and visitors. We expect all employees and visitors to fully comply with company guidelines regarding safety, environmental and legal issues. The following principles and health management system applied to HCH Group.
1. All visitors’ support personnel are required to abide by the guidelines as put forth in this policy. Information received, learned or observed by a visitor in a visit to a HCH manufacturing location shall be maintained in confidence.
2. Any visitors who will be going into manufacturing areas must wear appropriate clothing. Examples of articles that might be inappropriate are scarves, ties, jewelry. Shorts or skirts exposing skin and open shoes are prohibited.
3. No cameras or recording devices are allowed in HCH facilities without the approval by Visiting Department Manager 4. All visitors must be accompanied by HCH associates through the length of their tour unless specific areas are indicated by the HCH host. Visitors must stay within the marked aisle ways.
5. HCH sites are production facilities with a variety of machinery and forklifts/overhead cranes being used. Please be alert to your surroundings and yield to traffic.
6. In the event of an accident or injury, the HCH host should be made immediately aware of the issue as well as the Safety, Health, and Environment Department. If there was no immediate response contact the Security Department.
7. Each employee is requested not to work under the influence of alcohol or drugs or after having taken substances giving similar effects. The employee is not to take such substances during his/her working activities.
8. HCH undertakes to induce its employees not to smoke in places that could jeopardize safety and healthy working environment conditions according to the regulations in force.
9. HCH employees are requested to ensure complete cooperation towards the Auditors and Auditor Company carrying out the control activities and to efficiently provide with honesty and correctness any document they may need to perform their work.

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