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Manufacturing process flow diagram / map (MAP)
The Manufacturing Process Flow Chart is a graphic representation of the current or proposed sequence of manufacturing process flow. Typically it would start from incoming material inspection to packing and pre-dispatch inspection. It is used to emphasize the variation sources impact on the process. The flow chart helps to analyze the total process rather than individual steps in the process. The flow chart assists with conducting the FMEA and designing the Control Plan.

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Spec. No. & Rev: Date Approved:
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Manufacturing Process: Chart By:

Capacity Demonstration Review (CDR)

The CDR is a tool to verify that the HCH's production process can meet customers’ planning volumes with quality parts. If the production process failed to produce enough quality parts to meet the quoted tool capacity on the tooling order, HCH will continue to work in improving process capability.

Capacity Demonstration Review(CDR)
Program: Planned Cycle Time(min/part):
Planned # Shifts: Total Available Time(minutes):
Operation Hour Good Parts Rejects (Rework+Scrap) Unplanned Downtime(min) Planned Downtime(min) Comments
Equipment Availability: A.Total Available Time(minutes):
B.Planned Downtime(minutes):
C.Net Available Time:(A-B)
D.Unplanned Downtime (minutes):
E.0perating Time: (C=D)
F.Equipment Availability (E/C x 100)
Performance Efficiency: G.Total Pants Run: (Include both good and bad parts)
H.Planned Cycle Time (min/part)
I.Performance Efficiency: (G x H)/E*100)
Quality Rate: Overall Equipment Effectiveness: J.Total Defects (# parts): (Rework+Scrap)
K.Quality Rate: (G-J)/G x 100)
Equipment Availability x Performance Efficiency x Quality Rate x 100

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