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To be HCH data man
HCH data management ensures a well-controlled HCH data management ensures a well-controlled quality management system. However, without qualified staff, the system also could not run accurately, which require our staff to be very professional and take responsibility on its data collection, simulation as well as decision making. A qualified HCH data man helps the quality system in all respects. He makes accurate data collection for analyzers' simulation, further to show evidence for management decision. When a data man collecting the data, following questions are always bear in mind for HCH analyzers:

Where did the data come from? Always ask this one first. You always want to know who did the research that created the data you're going to write about. You'd be surprised - sometimes it turns out that the person who is feeding you a bunch of numbers can't tell you where they came from. That should be your first hint that you need to be very skeptical about what you are being told.
Have the data been peer-reviewed? Always ask if research was formally peer reviewed. If it was the data are at least minimally reliable.
How were the data collected? This one is real important to ask, especially if the data were not peer-reviewed. If the data come from a survey, for example, the customers want to know that whether the data is selected at random or from an orderly way.

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