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The mission of the HCH Group Purchasing Organization is as following:
● Enable our suppliers to share in our growth
● We are a demanding but fair customer
● We require the best in class service in quality, cost and delivery
● Our suppliers should be open to ideas, innovations and people

Basic Purchasing Principles

Legal Compliance To ensure proper procurement activity, we respect the spirits of applicable business laws and regulations. At the same time, we are also committed to abiding by such laws and regulations
Open Door Under the open-door policy of providing all applicants with competition opportunities, we aim to do our best in business with you, regardless of whether you are located at home or abroad.
Purchasing Orders and Quality Agreements The quality system shall assure that orders and quality agreements are only sent to approved suppliers/process routes and approved products (excl. samples, prototypes and PPAP)
Quality Assurance function and Purchasing HCH shall define quality targets for each critical commodity supplied and work jointly with the respective suppliers to facilitate the achievement of such targets and the progressive advancement towards the prevention and elimination of defects. Perfection in everything is now expected, and each HCH factory should consider rewarding those suppliers that achieve their targets (set by HCH) and perform at a consistent 'defect free' level.
Equity and Fairness Based upon the principle of fair competition, we assure you of equitable treatment in the selection of suppliers, while making a comprehensive assessment of your quality, price competitiveness, delivery assurance, after-sales services, reliability and technological edges.
Green Procurement To deploy business operations aimed at preserving the environment, we actively commit ourselves to the procurement of materials that gives full consideration to the global environment.
Confidentiality Any trade and technical secrets known to us during the course of purchasing operations shall be kept confidential, and shall not be disclosed to any third parties without suppliers' permission.

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