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Environment& safety certificates
Through its corporate activities, HCH pays attention to contribute to regional living conditions and social prosperity, and also strives to offer bearings and after-sale services with cleanliness, safety, and of high quality. HCH is proud of its long and unwavering tradition of protecting and preserving our most precious of resources — the world we share. We work to harmonize environmental commitment and economic interests in all our business activities. We believe this balance is essential to sustain prosperity for future generations.

Environmental protection as a company objective – what does it mean to us? For many years, an environmental philosophy has had number one priority in material purchasing, product manufacturing and disposal of materials. Active environmental protection is thus an integral project of HCH. We are convinced that positive environmental management helps greatly to secure the stable progress and promote the development of HCH.

With the validation and certification of our manufacturing facilities, we are taking a leading role in environmental protection. HCH has already approved ISO 14001: 2004 certification, which is an internationally accepted environmental management system, means to develop a systematic management approach to the environmental concerns of us. The goal of this approach is to provide continual improvement in environmental management. It specifies requirements for establishing an environmental policy, determining environmental aspects and implementation.

HCH bearings have passed RoHS directive, which is stipulated by European Union. From July 1, 2006, all electric products & electric goods exported to EU, which contain cadmium, chrome, lead, mercury, PBB & PBDE, must be compliant to its stipulation on the above-mentioned deleterious substances. All bearings produced by HCH conform to RoHS directive and have passed SGS testing. These certificates secure HCH pay enough attention to environmental problems, and give more confidence to HCH customers.

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