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Data Analysis
HCH data analysis should follow principles below:
Easy to read: Reliability data can be analyzed in variety of ways and presented in-depth or in summary form to meet the requirements of HCH management with varying needs. When the analysis results are shown to the high decision maker or its staff as illustration, uniform, easy-to-read graphs, charts and reports are demanded to better showing.

Continuous improvement: To operate a world-class reliability program, it is demanded to constantly review and analyze the effectiveness of our program over a wide range of criteria. HCH data analyzers shall use historical data and feedback to enable learning and improve reliability.

Do the right thing at the right time: It is important for HCH analyzers provide an excellent solution for organizations even when the personnel at remote locations from the assets are monitored. Thus, the correct way and quick response is highly demanded.

Guided by above principles, HCH provides a complex but easy mechanism for data analysis. The data is automatically shown in the application main window, and a single mouse click is all that is needed to view the data in a powerful, interactive graphical plot.

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