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Data management tools
HCH Results Reporter is a data management and reporting system that provides a complete solution for HCH's quality management. HCH results reporter is a valuable tool for the analyst who reviews collected data and makes recommendations. Maintenance, operations, engineering and management personnel use the reports for targeted decisionmaking and appropriate action.

HCH Results Reporter Level 1 gives our analysts access to an asset database (individual or multiple assets) where the day-to-day information, such as classifications and scheduling is stored. Status and exceptions are entered by the analysts with the output being a summary and/or exception report.

HCH Results Reporter Level 2 provides access to a web-enabled central repository database, where the output of the asset database can be analyzed and comparisons made with other asset databases. Also, data in the central database can be searched, interrogated and compared by HCH analysts. This makes it an excellent tool for benchmarking purposes.

Results Reporter Level 3, the information can be viewed at varying depth of detail and in different formats. This portal also provides a vehicle to facilitate continuous improvement of asset reliability. It gives the analysts access to further information, by allowing feedback from site, to assist in improving reliability.

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