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For production department
Information about the position
Production is the functional area responsible for turning inputs into finished outputs through a series production processes. For bearing manufacturing process, it includes Raw material processes, turning processes, Heat treatment, Grinding & Superfinishing, Assembly and Packing, etc. which are all carried out in production department. The function of the production department is to produce our products on time, to the required quality levels, at the defined product cost as the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) approach.

HCH has always been researching new technology and more advanced equipments on bearing production and inspection to improve the bearing’s quality and enhance the production efficiency. This approach demands a strong commitment to develop our resources through work assignments, on-the-job experience, and focused training and education.

Securing sales is outside the direct control of production, but the relationship between Production & Sales is intense. If sales are down, production targets cannot be met, on the other hand if Production fails to meet its target output monthly income is down and customers are likely to complain about late delivery. There is scope for friction between sales and production personnel.

The relationship between R&D and Production is also very important: if R&D are late in developing a new product the loss in income to our company may be severe. If this occurs it may not be possible to meet production targets for extended periods.

The ideal candidate for this position will possess:
● A minimum of secondary education
● Ability to learn new knowledge and working processes quickly
● A great attitude!

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