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For Sales Department
Information about the position
The sales department has a crucial role in the company development. In the HCH Group, it is further divided into home and export sales. It is the sales department’s responsibility to organize sales process details, find potential bottlenecks, discover new opportunities and strategic advantages, save cost and time, etc. The department employees should get a clear vision of what salespersons did yesterday, what they are doing now and what they will do tomorrow. The managers of both teams must coordinate efforts in order to drive profits and business success. Regular sales conferences, once a month, bring the sales force together to hear about the important marketing information.

When the business is growing, customers need more products and service, this individual activity oriented approach can become a barrier for sales to grow because unfocused and uncoordinated activity decreases effectiveness. Therefore, sales people should specialize and co-operate each other as well as other departments of the company. Thus our sales employees should always maintain strong product knowledge and analytical ability and will be responsible for the day-to-day efficient operations of the sales team. In addition, they will ensure the sales and customer service teams provide outstanding service to our clients, while building strong customer relationships. Must be able to create an environment conducive to sales expansions and seek out new business opportunities. It is also required that they need to immediately resolve any sales operational problems or issues.

The ideal candidate for this position will possess:
● A minimum of a bachelor degree
● Strong proficiency with Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook
● Exceptional communication and problem solving skills
● One or more foreign lanaguage to be mastered for international sales
● A great attitude!

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