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IT provides new tools for HCH human resource
Information technology is playing an increasingly vital part in all businesses. New technologies are key to optimizing the way we are working together internally, as well as with customers and suppliers. We are now evaluating how we best can use IT in the human resource function, in areas such as administration, recruitment, development, training and communication programs. We are convinced that these new tools will radically change our current human resource processes.

Following are the key questions to ask and answer in the process of IT providing new tools for HCH human resource:

What is the degree of flexibility and scalability that the information technology software provides for human resource?
HR professionals should determine if the software can import data from multiple Excel spreadsheets, databases, and paper documents and the level with which it can interface with all kinds of systems and data.

The software should be able to take in and filter information from multiple sources. Ideally, this process should also be automated. Many online enrollment solutions require that data be manually manipulated before it can go to a carrier to update their systems. Automation of the update format, transmission schedule and delivery method can help to eliminate billing and eligibility issues.

Will IT be able to accommodate HCH human resource management and benefits individual development?
A truly capable enrollment engine will evaluate each enrollment activity and apply any necessary combination of rules, messages, prompts, and options specifically designed to meet the exact eligibility requirements desired. IT should accommodate any eligibility rules that the company and carriers have.

Will the HR information technology be able to grow and scale with the company?
HR should assess the technology’s ability to grow as the company brings on new employees, offices, benefits changes, and rules. HR should ask about the thresholds for each of these elements.

Is the HR information technology able to integrate with other systems?
Payroll and other functions often share much of the same information as benefits management. HR can obtain greater efficiencies when data and other employee information entered into one system can be shared with another system.

Who is responsible for implementing, or building, the solution? What level of training is involved?
Some solutions require the client to be very involved with the initial implementation, which can be overwhelming for already busy HR administrators.

Will employees be able to enroll in benefits plans and make changes in real-time to their personal data and plan choices?
Employee access should be a given, considering the widespread, general access to computers; A good self-service system will guide employees smoothly through entering information about themselves and their dependents.

HR should have a clear understanding of the level of training and technical expertise that will be required and the amount of time expected. Questioning solution providers on this topic can provide insight into subtle areas that might initially appear simple, yet involve significant technological expertise.

The system should clearly present the plans available and enable employees to make selections at their convenience, simplifying these actions throughout the process with wizards.

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