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Young Professionals
Do you have occupational experience and are quite sure of your capabilities? And are you looking for a suitable job? If you are a resolute, straightforward kind of person, then the HCH Group is the right place for you. Young professionals at HCH are recruited from throughout the country, and they represent various academic and professional backgrounds. Young professionals are hired based on the business needs of our company, with the profile to be "Integrators" and the potential to become future leaders of the organization.

Young Professionals Program

Our young professionals program is a starting point for your exciting career. The program is designed to attract outstanding young and motivated individuals from around the country, who have demonstrated a commitment to development, supported by academic success, professional achievement and potential for leadership. The program recruits through a highly selective and competitive process and then facilitates their rapid integration into the HCH's business and culture. It is a unique opportunity for young people with a passion, who have the potential to become future excellent professionals. If you are selected to join HCH as a young professional, your assignment will be enriched through on-the-job learning, specialized training, and mentoring. It is an opportunity to experience development and gain exposure to HCH's operations and policies like no other!

The aim of the program is to identify candidates with professional skills, where an individual has not only expertise in the form of technical depth but professional breadth including the ability to "see the bigger picture" as well as the team skills that are essential to our work.

Young professionals will take 2 rotational assignments, where they will gain valuable on-the-job experience. They are a member of a team, where they are expected to make significant contributions towards the unit's work program while they gain a broad overview of HCH's policies and work.

1st rotational assignment (up to 12 months) will be a "stretch assignment", designed to provide the incoming YP with opportunity to gain skills and experience that are beneficial from the corporate perspective;
2nd rotational assignment (up to 12months) will be a "job assignment", after which the YP is expected to graduate into the same unit, unless there are compelling business cases or serious performance issues.

HCH offers its members a way to link their personal passions with professional ambitions. The group is the one professional and social organization that drives positive and real change in China, while giving young professionals a chance to make a significant impact in the company.

Young Professionals Orientation: Young professionals participate in a specially designed orientation where they become familiar with the operations of the HCH Group so that they can integrate into their work teams smoothly and efficiently. Individual Training Opportunities: Young professionals have the opportunity to participate in a multitude of training activities organized within the company as well as seminars offered outside the company.

Young Professional Discussions: A series of discussions are organized for young professionals around the procedures, policies, and business culture at HCH. Topics cover subjects such as "Integrating into HCH Teams", "HCH's Business Directions" and "Performance and Feedback".

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