HCH believes that every student has the potential to prosper into tomorrow’s leaders and enrich the world around them. HCH invites you to be part of the success. HCH offers both an Internship and a Co-op program; each goes above and beyond in giving participants a real-world business perspective. The HCH Group offers school students excellent career prospects. Consequently, we provide support for early occupational orientation. Moreover, we are involved in initiatives designed to assist school students in starting a career and to help them become acquainted with professional life at an early stage. Students get degree-related exposure and develop an insider's understanding of our industry, in addition to earning competitive wages and adding a name like HCH to the resume. Furthermore, you'll have the chance to prove yourself, and participants receive serious consideration for full-time positions with HCH when they graduate. Each June, HCH recruiters visit the nation's top schools to recruit students who are pursuing Bachelors', Masters' or PhD degrees.

School and business
HCH understands the exchange with schools is of the utmost importance to our business development. It is in their interests that students are optimally trained. The list of activities offered at schools by some business enterprises includes:

Lessons given by business experts
Range of seminars for teachers
Factory tours for school students
Internships for or coaching of headmasters

By offering opportunities to students, wet assist schools in communicating the reality of working within a business enterprise. The second purpose is to encourage businesses to actively assist schools in providing occupational orientation and to implement local activities.

Be the Future of HCH
The HCH Group implements various projects that give students participating in the different activities a good insight into the multifaceted vocational fields at HCH, both in the technical and non-technical areas. Precise information pertaining to these projects will be made available here as soon as they have been finalized. The aim of HCH appreciating students is to convey a higher degree of practical occupational relevance. Moreover, students are to be given access to practical work experience. The HCH Group actively supports a number of school initiatives. Thanks to these initiatives, schools that are interested are able to offer students practical experience at the HCH Group. Some recent college graduate candidates are discovered through this site experience, they are also recruited through career fairs at key colleges/universities and professional organizations.

It is a priority for HCH to gain and develop cooperation with universities and students, and through this, exchange knowledge and experience. For you as a student, this cooperation gives opportunities to develop, gain valuable experience and a possibility to prepare yourself for your future career. We provide equal opportunities between girls and boys particularly in the case of typical male-dominated professions. Many of the girls participating learn not only a great deal about manufacturing methods, but above all, about themselves, their talents and their interests.

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