Throughout the history of HCH company, inclusion and diversity has been much a part of the company’s success. The diversity of our employees is one of our special strengths. It enhances our innovative capability and helps us gain ground in new markets. It broadens the pool of our talents and competencies. Human diversity is therefore a key to the sustainable success of the HCH Group. As the company looks ahead, it will continue to strive to ensure that Diversity is part of everything that HCH does and how the company does it.

Diversity in Our Workforce
HCH Group employees work in different departments. You will find diversity at every level of the company, from boardrom to the design studio, from the plant floors to the engineering centers. It goes without saying that all of our employees are treated equally according to their qualifications and granted equal opportunities. So diversity is perfectly normal in our working lives. As a company, we understand that diversity is an on-going process, and an essential part of who we are. Achieving and maintaining a diverse workforce is not a one-dimensional goal. In fact, diversity at HCH is a marriage of the two pillars of the HCH Way: continuous improvement and respect for people. Our diversity makes us a better company, a stronger company, by bringing in fresh ideas, perspectives, experiences and life responsibilities, and by fostering a truly collabrorative workplace.

Diversity in Employees’ Development
There are countless ways to develop your career at HCH. We are proud of our diverse workforce and are committed to ensuring all our employees are valued and have the opportunity to maximize their potential. During all phases of your professional development, we provide valuable support through our diversified projects. This gets you ready to face any challenge at any time, professionally, methodically and personally. Right after you start with us, you will receive the classified introductory training. Supervisors and employees meet regularly for what we call diversified employee development dialogs to agree on various development goals and suitable measures to be taken for each employee. To implement the diverse development plans made, we offer a comprehensive further training program as well as other individual and target group specific activities.

Many People, One HCH, “I am HCH”
At HCH, our people are from every corner of the country. Our mission is to create a culture and a business environment based upon inclusion, mutual respect, responsibility, and understanding. we're inviting employees to be part of a company-wide program called "I am HCH." This program highlights the value of each person and the incredibly rich diversity of our workforce. "I am HCH" represents men and women of many cultures, ethnic backgrounds, ages and physical abilities. We strongly encourage people from diverse backgrounds to join us.

Diversity at HCH reflects the many differences and similarities that everyone brings as a part of who they are to their work and to their lives. HCH is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace. In addition to HCH's commitment to comply with the government laws protecting individual civil rights, the company has a widely distributed written policy on equal employment opportunity and harassment. It is our goal to recruit and retain diverse talent that reflects our global customers and create the environment where everyone can fully contribute in creating great HCH products and services.

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