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Application Handling
Any organization that intends to compete through people must take the utmost care with how it chooses organizational members, especially how it handles application. We believe that these decisions have a critical impact on the company’s ability to compete, as well as each and every job applicant’s life. At HCH, our experienced employers are able to make the best selection decisions and have a logical and systematical application handling procedure.

If you are looking for a really attractive job of the kind the HCH Group has to offer, then the right application is essential. At the beginning of every successful application there is the applicant’s self-analysis. What am I capable of? What am I looking for? What skills can I incorporate into the desired job? And naturally, one also has to consider the following:

● What will I get out of the job?
● Will it be too big or too small for me?
● What advantage to my career will the job/the company provide?

Your application (via mail or email) should include the following documents:
● Cover letter indicating desired job, earliest start date and desired salary
● Resume
● Certificates/references (school, college, work)
● Records of Employment
● Other certificates and proof of qualification if required

Please ensure that all documentation necessary for applying for the advertised position as well as the covering letter and CV are all attached to your application. As in the case of a conventional application dossier, the covering letter and CV must be prepared in a descriptive, clear, and concise fashion.

All applications received in the relevant submission period will be subject to an initial review which may reject applications for reasons such as being incorrectly completed, ignoring our application guidelines, failing to comply with our company’s management policy or requesting unrealistic levels of payment. The remaining applications will be discussed and the successful applicants will be notified with an offer of interview letter.

Please note: We use email or telephone to communicate with candidates throughout the hiring process, so please make sure your email account accepts emails from the domain and your telephone number can be connected.

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