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Pay and benefits
It is the stated aim of our personnel policy to continue to strengthen the coherency between performance and pay and, at the same time, secure the principle of performance as a fundamental virtue of our corporate culture. Those who achieve something always receive adequate reward. Remuneration should promote the personal achievements of each individual employee and, at the same time, the cooperation with the group and the assumption of corporate responsibility. It creates the basis of the further enhancement of the quality of products, processes and results, thereby securing the long-term success of the company. All employees participate in this success through a corporate profit-sharing plan.

More than standard
It goes without saying that the HCH Group fulfils all legal requirements for the remuneration of its employees. Employee benefits are offered for a variety of reasons but usually to attract, retain and motivate employees. HCH believes that one of the key factors affecting motivation and teamwork in the company is pay. Providing equal pay for equal work is central to this concept and results in a fair reward system. Moreover, HCH is committed to providing benefits that truly reflect the value of our people to the business. We offer highly competitive salaries and what's more we review them regularly to ensure they stay that way.

Additional benefits
In addition to financial remuneration, the HCH Group offers a number of attractive possible additional benefits. For example, our idea scheme “I motion” is a further, potentially very profitable source of income. By submitting tangible ideas for improving work procedures, making processes safer or making work procedures more efficient, you can earn attractive bonuses. We also help our people to see how they are adding value to our business and focus on their performance, working with everybody to create a development plan, so they are able to meet future challenges.

We believe that all employees should share in the rewards of great performance and all regular HCH employees--full-and parttime-- can get satisfying treatment.

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