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Management training
Managers of a company have the greatest influence on creating high levels of workforce engagement, employee performance, and talent retention - key attributes of successful organizations. HCH uses a combination of proven leadership management training solutions that focus on fundamentals of management and specialty offerings to ensure that our managers are set up to succeed. Also we have found that finding innovative solutions to drive and develop the business, building strong temms and stimulating managing change. It is therefore an important role for the HR-units within HCH to find ways of developing these skills. Our managers should also be trained in "people management", so that they provide a leadership that ensures that we have the most competent, productive and motivated people in the industry.

HCH management training include training schedules as following:

Management training
Based training Knowledge and skill required Content
Practical supervisory training Training for enriching and improving work management Competence observation Employee evaluation system Dealing with emergency situation
Business management training Training for enriching and improving management Coordinating with different departments Operation way setting and improving
Management ability development training Training for enriching and improving management capability Self-declaration system Selfdevelopment support system

Abilty to be mastered Creating the foundation
Upgrading business capabilities
Developing practical management ability
Developing management ability
Knowledge and
skill to be mastered
mastering the specialized knowledge and skill for work

Advantage of HCH
● The scheme enables individuals wishing to progress through management to develop and fulfil their true potential.
● Secondly, by formally training our managers and future leaders we seek to ensure that all of our employees enjoy working for us and are treated equally
● Last, but not least, the scheme helps to ensure the continued success of leadbitter under the leadership of a strong, well balanced and informed management.

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