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Trainee Program in Sales
If you have just entered HCH group and would like to be an expert in bearing sales, you must try your talents and skills in specific reallife applications, then our sales engineer trainee program is just what you need. While you participate in the program, we work with you to evaluate your special talents and skills with regard to the requirements of the department you would like to work in. When you complete the program, you will be ready to be assigned to a specialist position that matches your capabilities. Given the right potential, our sales engineer support program also provides you with good prerequisites for your medium- and long-term development, including management positions and responsible tasks in our international organization.

Over one year period, you acquire product knowledge, knowledge of product characteristics and applications. From the start, you work on specific tasks under supervision, primarily in development and testing. In addition, you become familiar with our manufacturing departments and specific manufacturing technologies, and you start working with our customers and their requirements.
The table below is an example of the Trainee Program that is of course adapted to an employee’s interests and our current requirements on a case-by-case basis.

Sales Engineer Trainee Program
Training section Topics
Company Information ● Organization of HCH
● Strength of HCH
● Group general information
Theoretical training ● HCH products
● Rolling bearing technology
Practical training ● Manufacturing
● Quality control
Corporate technology ● Planning and conducting tests
● Evaluating tests
● Calculations
Sales ● Market development
● Market analysis
Application engineering ● Application engineering support in selected sectors(depending on future assignment)

During the training program, you acquire the necessary know-how for starting a career as a professional salesperson. Training is based on the dual principle of theory and practice. In addition to practical sales training at our dealerships, you will acquire theoretical knowledge through instruction courses and seminars that will make you a self-asserted and competent expert for customer enquiries.The sales prospecting training at HCH transfers that knowledge and develops those skills which - if utilized properly - make the participants truly professional salespeople. By the end of the program our participants will be able to:

● Exceed customer expectations
● Build confidence with the customer
● React to various customer behaviors in a suitable manner
● Map out the customer’s demands
● Present our company, its products, its services, or a current campaign convincingly
● Handle objections

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