With the prorate employee profiles, we would like to give you an interview for occupational opportunities. Self-analysis is helpful during the forthcoming job interview. The more realistic, the more reflected you are, the more authentic and convincing you will appear. And the better you will be able to answer even tricky questions. Particularly the question that “why you from all people consider yourself to be the right person for the job.” The more honest and substantive you are when answering questions whilst still being convinced that the job or the company in question are right for you the more your application is likely to succeed.

You should only apply for a job that is really suitable and that means suitable for both parties. Applicant will face mainly two interviews: telephone interview and traditional interview. In many cases, a telephone interview may be eliminated since it will be replaced by in-the-fair interview or due to emergency requirement.

Telephone interview Traditional interview
The telephone interview is usually the first step beforeparticipating in a so-called selection day or a personal interview. For this purpose, the applicant is contacted by telephone by human resources staff or the responsible department. The main emphasis of the interview is on personal and potential professional development, acquired skills and aptitude. Moreover, the telephone interview facilitates the clarification of any unanswered questions on both sides. The next possible step of an application for employment with the HCH Group is the traditional job interview. The applicant is invited for this separately. The aim is to meet the applicant personally during an interactive conversational situation with staff of the responsible department and human resources representatives. During this interview the emphasis lies on the applicant’s personal and vocational background. The applicant’s CV is discussed or questions may be asked relating to possible experience and personal interests.

Job Interview Techniques
You have absolutely no chance of getting our job if you can't make a good impression during the job interview. Find out what you need to know about interviewing and get real techniques to ace your interview here.

Before the Job Interview During the Job Interview After the Job Interview
● Wear something that is job interview appropriate.
● Determine your acceptable line of paymen, benefits and treatment.
● Show up at least 10 minutes early- -15 minutes is even better.
● Make sure there is no confusion about where you are supposed to go for the interview.
● Make a list of common job interview questions and figure out how you can best answer each one.
● Practice your job interview with a friend or family member. Ask them to critique your answers afterwards.
● Greet every single person in the room with eye contact and a handshake.
● Be conscious of your posture when sitting or standing.
● When you do sit, don't fidget. It makes you look nervous.
● Smile and nod your head on occasion when being spoken to.
● Keep answers short and to the point.
● Ask questions! You're at an interview, not an interrogation. Employers will expect you to have questions about the job, the company or the people you will be working with.
● When the job interview has ended, you should shake hands with everyone once again and thank

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