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Living and Working
The HCH Group is interested in a person as a whole. There must be a healthy balance between living and working. Therefore, we not only actively promote health care and develop creative working hour schemes, but also support a number of employee initiatives. For example, in the company we systematically support cultural activities, initiate events or act as partners to culture. Your advantage: as an employee you and your family can visit a number of events at a cheaper rate or even free of charge.

Flexible working hours & arrangements
We offer our employees different working hour schemes. The various working hour schemes offered may differ, depending on the area of employment, duration of employment and locations. These are precisely adapted to the various groups of employees and benefit. Moreover, work arrangements vary across the departments and the following options may be available:

Full-time employment
Part-time employment
Job-share employment
Flexible start and finish times

Sport & hobbies
Moreover, the HCH Group supports several clubs and associations that have been founded by employees who meet regularly and have a lot of fun together. You will find a spectrum that covers sport activities (Dancing, Table Tennis, Football, Basketball, Cycling, and more) as well as some cultural offers and special hobbies. New members are always welcome.

Healthy living
We support our employees regarding their efforts to stay healthy. A company like the HCH Group profits from capable and motivated employees and vice versa. This is why we support you specifically with regard to health by offering various schemes.

HCH Health Service
The HCH Health Service offers a wide range of health care benefits:
● Preventive measures
● Assistance with healthy nutrition, e.g. by serving healthy food at our canteen
● Information on how to handle stress
● Health training

Work & life balance
HCH has always been focused on assisting its employees to balance their life between work and personal interests, whether they be family, leisure or otherwise. Specific benefits for employees include the provisions of a range of flexible working arrangements which employees are able to negotiate depending on the business needs of each work area.

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