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Probation period
You become acquainted with the various departments and find out at first hand from your potential colleagues what they appreciate about the HCH Group and how they came to work there and what they do in probation period.

Behind the scenes
Ping Zhu
Role: Sales
Corporate area of operations: Sales department

What made you choose HCH?
HCH is an attractive company that offers engineers many opportunities for development. Moreover, I find HCH’s social commitment exemplary.

What were your duties during your internship at HCH?
As a student trainee in interior strategy development, I was involved in the supervision of panel management

What was your relationship with colleagues and superiors like during the internship?
I had- and still have- a very amicable relationship with my colleagues and superiors. I felt at home in the department from the word go.

How successful were you during your internship? What was actually implemented?
Alongside other activities within the framework of panel management, I was able to identify proposals for optimizing procedures and was later personally involved in the implementation of respective improvement measures.

What conclusions have you drawn from your HCH internship with regard to your further academic training?
I was given the opportunity to view my academic training to a certain degree from a distant perspective and was strengthened in my choice of studies.

How has your internship and being accepted for the fastlane programme affected your future career?
I was able to become better acquainted with an interesting company such as HCH. Furthermore, within this business environment I was able to advance my soft skills significantly.

What did you particularly like about your internship and what was less appealing?
During my term as a student trainee, I was particularly impressed by the good working atmosphere in my department.

What plans do you have for the future?
Next summer, the first thing I intend doing is write my diploma thesis. Then I aim to earn my doctorate. After that, of course, joining the HCH company would be an attractive proposition.

How would you describe HCH corporate culture?
HCH corporate culture is reflected above all in the fact that employees not only represent HCH ideals, but also become an active part of them.

Behind the scenes
Vincent Zeng
Role: Project Manager
Corporate area of operations: Technical department

How long have you been working with the HCH Group?
Since July 2003

Please describe the application process?
I submitted an unsolicited application.

Describe your development within the HCH Group.
For the first two and a half years I worked in the product cost and controlling department and then transferred to Research and Development center.

Why did you choose to work with HCH?
HCH offers technologically interesting products and I have a great deal of personal responsibility here.

What is your occupational history?
I was trained by HCH to be a product development engineer, after I was working in anther China bearing manufacturing. Then I found HCH and its working environment and company culture attracted me.

What are the typical duties required of your job?
Typical duties are the drawing up of technical concepts and filing of patents where necessary, the drafting of publications, commissioning and development of prototypes, cooperation with universities, technology scouting, development of profitability reports, assistance in writing doctoral theses and initiation and fostering of partnerships with other companies.

What do you like about your job and what do you find less appealing?
I particularly like the independence and creativity of my job, the personal responsibility for my assignments and working in a team.

what do you find less appealing?
I do not particularly like the occasionally inadequate decision-making capabilities of my colleagues in the department.

Behind the scenes
Richard Xu
Role: Workshop engineer
Corporate area of operations: Production department

How do you perceive HCH corporate culture?
It is partly very competitive, partly very cooperative. Describe the relationship amongst colleagues in your department. I have a lot of fun working with my colleagues. We work in a very creative and cooperative atmosphere.

What support do you receive from your superior?
My superior (head of department) supports me in every respect.

How open is your superior to new ideas and future projects?
Very open

To what extent does your superior help you with your daily routines?
If there are any problems with regard to decisions by superiors from other department, my head of department gives me assistance in accelerating procedures.

What opportunities for further education have you taken advantage of during your term of employment with HCH?
Drive, Knowledge management, project management.

Behind the scenes
Nicole Xu
Role: Accountant
Corporate area of operations: Financial department

How would you describe HCH corporate culture?
Like a very big open source community.

How would you describe the team work in HCH?
Apart from individual efforts, the company also attaches more importance to I+We=Fully I.

How does it feel when you work in HCH?
Working in HCH is a challengeable thing to me. However, it gives me courage and makes me discover my sense of self-worth.

How would you think if you are given a job in HCH after the probation period?
I’d love to work here. It is a promising career because the company will give its employees many opportunities to develop and improve.

Describe the influence of your working experience in HCH on your future life.
It made me realize the difference between student life and working life. I get to know what I should prepare for my future career. If possible, I’d like to still work here.

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