As a student, do you knows what kind of job you want to do and would like to start learning in a practical way in the workplace, work based learning could suit them. In order to prepare young people for the future, we wish to provide them with the opportunity to become acquainted with the company and its wide spectrum of professions while they are still at school. For this reason, the HCH Group offers internships for school students and is present at various school student events. If you are interested in learning about HCH and acquiring an insight into the business world, an internship might be the right thing for you. As a work placement student you will become part of HCH and be involved in different projects. You will also gain experience through roles and responsibilities given to you in different areas. An internship at the HCH Group will provide a good possibility for learning bearing manufacturing of the actual professional world and to make important contacts for the future.

Internship opportunities
HCH Group supports the initiative "Fair Company", which aims for fair conditions in internships and real opportunities for university graduates. Based on this principle, the HCH Group offers a wide variety of internship options. Depending on the field of study, you may complete different types of internships at the HCH Group these include the areas of sales and accounting, but also occupations such as development and production. Through the integration into current projects, it is ensured that you are able to gain valuable know-how and adequate project involvement. Together we define your individual agreements on objectives and provide you with feedback on your personal development during an interview at the end of your internship.

Practical placements
The HCH Group supports initiatives to assist school students (and parents) in their occupational orientation and facilitate initial vocational experience, for example through school student placements. In this way, insights into everyday work and training routines are communicated and the exchange between schools and business intensified. We hope that through this we can help students on their way to a professional career. During their internship period, students will get to know the different areas of the HCH Group through practical work placements. They will work as an active member in various teams and gain valuable insights into the day-to-day work of the HCH Group. This will allow them to quickly build up a network of contacts.

Job Market and application by e-mail
We do offer flexible deployment opportunities, such as full or part time internships or a combination of vocational and obligatory internship. All internship vacancies within the different departments and at the various locations can be found in our Job Market. Please note that only e-mail applications will be considered. Using the e-mail application form you can apply directly for any internship that may interest you. If you are currently unable to find a suitable vacancy, then you should, nevertheless, apply unsolicited one and send your resume to our company mail box. You will then have a better chance of being the first to be asked in the event of new projects.

Completing an internship at our company helps you close the gap between theoretical education and practical applications! You work on challenging “real” projects that won’t end up in the waste paper basket. "Training on the job" helps you apply theoretical knowledge to specific jobs. At the same time, you become familiar with an international group of companies that is managed with a strong focus on achieving its goals and treating its employees, customers and suppliers as partners.

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