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Trainee program in R&D
Innovation is the core competitive advantage of business administration, and the competency of R&D staff will influence the business development in the future. In this aspect, we have always attempted to develop trainee program of R&D staff. Based upon the research purpose, we designed professional trainee program for R&D members. First of all, we reviewed many documents of business plans, internal strategy cahiers of the company, and several documents of R&D annul plans of technology , in order to identify the company’s R&D training needs. Secondly, we used in-deep interviews with several R&D experts to collect relevant information and knowledge for our trainee program. Finally, in the present study we applied creative problem solving (CPS) technique on Group Decision Supporting System (GDSS) with our R&D staff to identify R&D training needs. In the results, we developed innovation-oriented trainee program, which conducted HCH to develop new technologies and high-quality products. Furthermore, we set up the related strategy for transfer of training.

The HCH R&D trainee program offers you a flying start to your R&D career at a large global company. The 18 month program allows you to experience diverse work cultures. During the program you will undertake various roles and drive a real project across our R&D organization to develop broad experience and knowledge.

The tasks are focused on development and related to the following themes:
● HCH strategies, products, markets and way of working
● Reciprocating bearing manufacturing technology
● Product design and development
● Computer Aided Engineering (CAE)
● Testing and validation
● Customer care
● Networking with customers, suppliers, research institutions etc.
● Project work

Technology is changing the way we live and work more each day. Therefore, to retain their industrial competitiveness, companies must be prepared to embrace the so-called "technology revolution" and explore ways to extend their organization's reach. Our Research and Development (R&D) Department has a long and successful record in providing specialized services and technical capabilities critical to research, development and technology advancement. Our experienced experts and engineers have been always providing new knowledge to the trainee program and they will also be invited to give lectures in those training courses. We consider that a good trainee program in R&D will help participants get a better understanding of their work and further have the motivation to research and develop new technology in bearing design and manufacturing.

Competence development during the program
The program includes a training concept covering not only technology but also courses related to leadership, change management and strategic thinking. You will be assigned a mentor and receive continuous coaching and career planning.

What happens after the program?
Through the R&D Department, HCH has developed numerous computer-based training programs for participants. After the program you will have good technical skills and solid understanding of international business logic.. In addition, such a trainee program greatly extends collaboration among the program participants and gives them right direction on their career development. If you have the potential to become an expert in this respect, we will put you on the right path and give you the skills and knowledge to build a solid foundation for a future career within R&D. You will also get to know yourself better and how you work as a member of a team through our trainee program.

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