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For R&D department
Information about the position
The orientation of Research and Development is strongly market-driven. The main objective of Research and Development at HCH is its relationship with production, whether this is expressed through the outcomes of research projects, and proposals for commercial exploitation, or the transfer of know-how to the productive units of the company.

In order to maintain its level of services to the worldwide industry, HCH continuously invests in research and is always committed to ambitious research programmes.

The HCH Bearing R&D center is well equipped with all kinds of modern measuring equipments, which can be used to do the testing, analysis and evaluation on the bearings. Most of those measuring equipments are imported from Europe and Japan. The team of experts in R&D center provides specialized services and technical capabilities critical to research, development, and technology advancement.

The HCH Bearing R&D center supervises the research programs, initiates new projects and makes the plans for background research. The research coordinators of the R&D Department control and evaluate the realization of the research work and provide technical advice to those carrying out the work.

Spreading of technology and dissemination of new R&D results is stimulated under responsibility of the R&D Department. Thereto, a substantial part of the research is being carried out in the Business Units that are also responsible for the customer services. This guarantees a close communication between research and application, between theory and practice. It is our R&D Department that enables us to provide customers with high-quality products at affordable prices.

The ideal candidate for this position will possess:
● A minimum of a bachelor degree
● 3 years experience in a similar role within a professional office environment
● Strong professional with CAD, Proee & other deisgn software
● A great attitude!

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