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Purchasing Department
Information about the position
The Purchasing Department at HCH is rather a broad-based engineering centre with a record of innovative ideas, practical research and building close links with industry. The department has a friendly, informal and collaborative atmosphere, which we find helps suppliers who visit here to achieve success.

HCH has good facilities in a modern engineering department with an experienced product designing engineer team. Our commitment to continually combine and advance technology and engineering enables us to optimize bearing designing solutions that provide a competitive advantage for our customers. The particular problem solving skills of our engineers have found application in a wide range of bearing spanning research and development.

Engineers will design and develop special products according to customers’ requirements. HCH’s leadership in the bearing business and the very strong position of its brand in the bearing world are due to its competence in providing products and services that create value for the customers. One of the purchasing department’s responsibilities is to find the best solution for our customers’ design. This must be done while keeping a consistent high quality. Also, HCH’s highly skilled engineers could help to meet specific targets. In addition, our engineers are strongly supported by the department with regard to travel and participation in technical conferences and workshops.

The ideal candidate for this position will possess:
● A minimum of a bachelor degree
● Strong proficiency with Microsoft Word and Excel; Access & Outlook are huge plusses!
● Exceptional communication and problem solving skills
● 3 years experience in a similar role within a professional office environment
● A great attitude!

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