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School leavers
The first step towards a career is a crucial one. Under the apprenticeship scheme, school leavers can study towards nationally recognized qualifications. This scheme provides paid work with an employer for most of the week which allows students to learn in a work environment and the remainder of the program is taught at college. You can write a practice-related thesis and gain valuable job experience at the same time. In any event, the HCH Group is one of the most attractive stops along the way. We are an innovative, agile and successful global company with a high reputation. We take good care of our employees especially those who receive their training at our company. The HCH Group stands for individualism, responsibility, team spirit, high quality and full dedication.

Time-frame and deployment opportunities
You should plan with at least two months for a school leaver project in HCH Group, but six months would be even better (four to six weeks for a pre-study placement depending on the location). In this way you will gain profound insight into our company. Here you have the opportunity to apply, using the e-mail application form, for an apprenticeship training position at the HCH Group. A copy of your most recent school report (please do not send interim or half-year reports) must be enclosed with your application: If necessary, further documents will be requested by our personnel department. You may access your data via the Job Assistant at any time.

Key Skills to master
Key Skills are those general skills that can help a school leaver to improve his or her own learning and performance in education and training, work and in every day life. There are six Key Skills units for school leavers:

● Communication
● Information Technology
● Problem Solving
● Improving Own Learning and Performance
● Working with Others

They are valued by many employers at HCH, who are often looking for more than academic qualifications. HCH will help you master this skills and prepare you for your thesis and a successful start to your career.

The HCH Group can bring your Bachelor or Master studies up to speed! At the end of your studies the HCH Group offers you the opportunity to work on a fully practice-related final thesis backed by our expertise. Whether you are aspiring for a diploma, bachelor or master thesis, our company will enable you to work on them with the help of practice-related subjects. Moreover, our mentoring specialist department is there to support you in your final thesis. In this way, your thesis will be based on a high level of practical experience--which will allow you to lay the foundation for starting your career at HCH.

Your time at school is valuable. How you spend it will determine what direction you take following your time with us. We are here to help you make the right decisions - so make use of us while you can! HCH is a good platform for school-leavers to exercise and work. Our excellent working environment will make them achieve confidence and self-worth. “Thanks to the HCH Group programs I have the opportunities to acquire various bearing manufacturing knowledge alongside my apprenticeship training. This is perfect for me, because it offers me ideal prospects for the future. In addition, I have learned something important that can not be found in school. I sincerely look forward to working in such a global company.”

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