Knowledge Management in HCH is a cross-disciplinary process for acquiring new knowledge and managing existing knowledge to enhance competitive advantage. We believe that related training can help our supervisors and employees qualify and obtain high-demand projects that lead to a competitive advantage for our customers. Consistent with this principle, HCH provides a variety of training programs including on-the-job training, management trainning, internal training and external training for employees to improving job competence. The management courses aim to support new and potential leaders in the HCH organization and also to develop leadership skills for more experienced managers.

Objectives and phases
HCH's training objective is to determine the necessary competence for personnel performing work affecting product quality. The training process includes training action, effectiveness evaluation, awareness of relevance and importance, as well as training records maintaining. During all phases of your professional development, HCH provide valuable support through our personnel development department. This gets you ready to face any challenge at any time, professionally, methodically and personally. Right after you start with us, you will receive the proper introductory training. Supervisors and employees meet regularly for what we call employee development dialogs to agree on development goals and suitable measures to be taken for each employee. To implement the development plans made, we offer a comprehensive further training program as well as other individual and target group specific activities.

Typical Topics
Communications: The increasing diversity of today's workforce brings a wide variety of languages and customs.
Computer skills: Computer skills are becoming a necessity for conducting administrative and office tasks.
Customer service: Increased competition in today's global marketplace makes it critical that employees understand and meet the needs of customers.
Diversity: Diversity training usually includes explanation about how people have different perspectives and views, and includes techniques to value diversity
Ethics: Today's society has increasing expectations about corporate social responsibility. Also, today's diverse workforce brings a wide variety of values and morals to the workplace.
Human relations: The increased stresses of today's workplace can include misunderstandings and conflict. Training can help people to get along in the workplace.
Quality initiatives: Initiatives such as Total Quality Management, Quality Circles, benchmarking, etc., require basic training about quality concepts, guidelines and standards for quality, etc.
Knowledge: Knowledge is power. Knowledge training is available to every employee here. It will bring the company increased efficiencies in processes, resulting in financial gain. Also it will increase capacity to adopt new technologies and methods.

Our Supervisor’s Role
Our supervisor is in an excellent position to support employees’ development by:
● Providing feedback on employees’ performance in their current job and identifying their strengths and areas for improvement.
● Acting as a mentor and coach.
● Representing the organization’s needs, goals and opportunities.
● Helping assess employees’ advancement potential and their qualifications for other positions.
● Acting as a resource and referral for exploring employees’ career development options.
● Supporting employees’ training and development, providing training opportunities and funding if related to the company’s mission and funds are available.

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