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Trainee Programs
You can expect to join a dynamic and challenging professional environment, where you will obtain an understanding of HCH’s corporate agenda and be exposed to daily internal and external business interactions. You will be exposed to a variety of situations requiring general business management skills. In addition, learning the program is accompanied by further training in the areas of personal development, intercultural awareness, technology and HCH specific culture & business requirements. Trainees have the possibility to actively contribute to the planning of their own personal program to best suit their individual interests and development requirements.

The program we have compiled encourages the establishment of a devoted team spirit and develops the co-operation skills of the participants. As a result of this trainee programs, the overall performance of the team increases, and co-operation processes are developed by harmonizing the participants’ individual ideas, skills, and values. A work ethic based on consciousness and success comes to our members’ life.

By trainee programs, we aim to make progress in following aspects:

Conflict Handling
Sources of conflict may include a lack of agreement in determining objectives, a lack of agreement regarding the manner of reaching these objectives, and awkward situations stemming from a difference in individual values. We consider that the proper method for handling conflicts will be found after trainee programs. Because our trainee program is an effective approach which respects the objectives and imagination of the partner and grants the partner the opportunity to share his objections. With the help of this method, conflicts can be handled efficiently and quickly and a win-win relationship can be developed between the two parties. The assertive handling of conflicts is a crucial tool for guaranteeing a healthy atmosphere and an efficient workplace.

Time Management
If we have to stay late at work, is this the result of having too much work to do? Is it possible that we are managing our tasks inefficiently? Are we not setting priorities? Are we hesitating too much? Are we delegating? Are we making our life easy? There is no training course that can create time, but there is a trainee program that can bring time-wasting factors and our frequent mistakes to the surface. This trainee program demonstrates major problems in our approach which reduce our efficiency. Through the trainee program, you will be familiar with the connection between personal effectiveness and time-planning and the components of personal effectiveness

Presentation Techniques
Every one of us has heard presentations at which the participants could only understand a few points out of the vast amount of information presented. The higher up we are in the management hierarchy, the better we should present. One of the main tools for getting ahead is good presentation skills. We stand up and start talking. These are the times where there is no second chance. Then and there we have to give our best performance. No one is a born presenter. Even the best ones learned from their own mistakes and from others. The trainee program at HCH will help you get a better understanding of the basic elements of communication and their importance and the basic elements of communication in front of an audience and their effectmechanism.

The training procedures vary according to the different training programs. The requirements of the various vocations differ, as do the courses of training. Therefore, please get a better understanding of training programs for main departments and to know a rough idea of what you will get for training in your specialized area. You will further receive detailed information regarding the respective course of training and selection procedure.

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